Hello world!

Hello fellow bargain hunters!

Welcome to Never Retail.  I’ve noticed that I spend all my time that I’m bored in class or procrastinating making online shopping carts of the clothes I want to buy.  These are almost always sale items, because I pride myself on never paying retail for my clothes (hence the title).  There’s little I love more than finding a great deal.  However, I don’t normally get to buy all the clothes, since even on sale, it would add up to a quite a pretty penny.

Instead, I figured I’d share my sale finding powers with all of you.  Every day I will scour the online sales for some great deals and post them to the site so you don’t have to spend the time going through the websites yourself.  I also plan to have an “outfit of the day,” which will be a wearable outfit made up of my sale finds.  Eventually I’d also like to take reader requests for specific items.

Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope you find some great buys.

Happy Shopping!